plugins – Events Manager problem with a particular theme: Impossible to display list of past events in backend or using any other non-default filtering in list


Sorry, this problem needs a longer description and I don’t really have any code to post (or rather, I wouldn’t know what code to post – see below)…

I am using the Events Manager plugin in two websites with two self-created themes. These themes are very similar concerning HTML structures, php code and javascripts, they differ mainly layout-wise, i.e. the CSS ist quite different. Both themes work without problems in the frontend.

However, in the BACKEND there is a problem with Events Manager’s listing of events that only happens when using (let’s call it) Theme A: When (in the select menu above the list of events) I choose to display “past events” or “all events” (or actually any other option from that menu except the default “future events”), the result is an empty list of events with a note “no events found”.

At the top of that page the following note appears: Notice: Array to string conversion in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/mywebsite/wp-admin/edit.php on line 329. And directly above the list all select menus and buttons except the “Filter selection” button disappear (sorry, I am not sure about the English text of that button since I am on a German system where that button is labeled “Auswahl einschränken”).

What I did to check/debug:

  • I disabled all plugins (except Events Manager) – still the same behaviour
  • I switched Website A to other themes – the behaviour disappeared.
  • I copied Theme A to Website B (on the same server) and selected it there: Same behaviour, although when using (the very similar) Theme B in Website B the problem does not occur.
  • I disabled almost all of the different functions in the functions.php file one by one: no difference.
  • I switched to a different PHP version (7.4.12 to 8.0): no luck.

So the problem apparently really is caused by the theme. But in which way can a theme affect the backend display – I definitely didn’t add anything to the theme to modify the backend. Compared to commercial themes that theme is rather simple. And as I wrote: That theme (A) is almost identical to my Theme B, where this problem does not occur.

Does anyone have an idea what (in a theme) could cause this behaviour? I am really stuck here and appreciate any feedback.

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