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A friend have a car retail, he contracted a company to do the page with word press and then them left the job in conclude, he ask me if I can help me finishing some final things, (I’m not a WP developer rather I am full stack but never experienced with WP) one of the problems was a form sending data to an API based on the inputs in the query params, I saw the problem was that WP was sending this as instead so the API returned errors, this page is done with elementor and elementor pro, I saw you could insert HTML and javascript on the page so I reformatted the form to use html and javascript and this worked local and in the first deploy but when reformatted in the mobile version the page started to have a weird behavivor also didn’t worked the javascript on the mobile,I saw you must use custom code but neither that way I can let the page work, also I tried to do a backup but in the page I can’t see the settings, seeing the users I am the administrator so it is weird, does wp have super admin? how could I see it? now I open the editor and shows the mobile version when I am on desktop one. How can I fix the page or see who is the super admin?

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