Plugins download & install fine, wordpress update fails


I’ve setup all permissions and directories/files correctly according to WordPress. Adding plugins/installing/updating works perfectly, but when it comes to updating to 4.7.2, it asks me for FTP details or if I force FileSystem (direct) in the WP config file, it says it couldn’t update due to inconsistent file permissions or not being able to create the directory.

Literally all file permissions and user permissions are setup as per the recommondation from wordpress, however I can’t update the core.

The log file does say permission denied on line 257 of the filesystem include when it tries to copy a file, but like I said, correct permissions have been given unless, for that specific instance, the core update is run under a different user than apache?

Manual install is not being considered as the process needs to be seamless for operations to be able to support without requiring additional knowledge of FTP/SSH.

Can anyone recommend a solution that actually works?

1) I have chown to my apache user (this is required for the plugins to be updated)
2) all permissions are 755/644 (this is required for the plugins to be updated as well)
3) OS was updated including openssl (Redhat Enterprise)

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