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I’m relatively intermediate on knowledge of WordPress Plugins.

I’ve inherited a WordPress website from a previous developer who developed it for their client (now my client).

The client had the need to allow users to subscribe to a post and be notified when a post has been edited. The plugin “AlertMe” has been used for this –

However, posts are edited via the front end and not via the WordPress Admin via Formidable Forms. The AlertMe Plugin adds an “Alert Subscribers” button to the WordPress Admin Edit Post screen than an author can click to alert users on post edit – however this isn’t available via Formidable Forms.

My question is

Is there an alternative plugin that the community knows of that meets this need? From my own research, I can only find plugins that notify users when a post is added related to a category they’ve subscribed to.

Is there another recommended way to carry out this function? Ideally, I’m hoping to use the most out of the box solution to keep development overheads low.

Happy to clarify if needed!


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