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I am using WordPress () and I want to do the following:
I want to create an online store () that should contain three main sections as follows:

  1. A section for selling digital products using the WooCommerce () tool.
  2. A Drop shipping section () using the AliExpress () tool, which is based on WooCommerce.
  3. A section for simple advertisements.
    Is it recommended to have this type of integration, or is it better to have each store separately? Note that I want to run paid ads () for the Drop shipping store (), which will also increase the chance of visitors entering the digital products section ().
    If it is recommended to have this type of integration, what are the most important tips that I should consider?

Additional information:
AliDropship Woo Plugin will be used.
The number of digital products is approximately 2000 and may increase slightly later.

If you have any external links that may be useful, please provide them to me.

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