Plugin to ask for password like Shopify [on hold]


I’m trying to find a plugin where I could create a splash screen where people are informed that the online shop will be live in like X days.

But I also want to give an access to people with a password just like Shopify does when we are in development mode.

enter image description here

On this image, you can see that Shopify if offering a “Enter using password” tool where people can still access to the website.

I am using Woocommerce and would like to know if I can manage to do this.

At the moment, I am doing a simple check in the header.php file

if( ! is_user_logged_in() ) {


to make sure only logged user can access to the website.

I do not want to place a “Password protection page” on every pages and every products I have. So my concern is more about finding a plugin that can do the job OR I will just create customer accounts and give them the /wp-login/ page before everybody and they will need to login to visit the storefront. But this second option is not really userfriendly.

If somebody has a good plugin link or a code snipper to share I would be happy. I do not mind paying some $ for the plugin too.

Potential plugins

Thank you.

, Patrice Poliquin 3 years 2019-10-22T09:28:45-05:00 0 Answers 78 views 0

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