plugin suggestion for load url sub page based on user input page slug


i am using woocommerce plugin.

i want to load the URL subpage (permalink) based on user inputted page name (slug). normally hyperlinks are provided in the webpage. but i am not going to provide the hyperlink. i am going to use this slug name as password (user’s are allowed to share) to access this particular pages and subpages.

User process flow :

  1. user land on main domain page eg..

  2. user will click the link provided in the domain page to input the password (page slug).

  3. popup window open with request of input text field and submit button.

  4. user enter the page slug (password) in text field and submit it. eg.. “qwerty”

  5. if the particular slug pages are available then load the page. eg.. . if not error message of incorrect input and ask the correct inputs.

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