plugin recommendation – About creating one sample for waste market by WordPress (like power electrical market)


I am working in one waste management project by cyberspace, which I have described here.

So I am trying to create one advertisement site for creating fast connections between the seller of trash and waste and buyers which could be seen here.

So tonight I were chatting with someone, and he suggested to creating something like Uber which needs to have some market for estimating the price for the different type of the trash and then suggesting new price for buyers and sellers.

I am a power electrical engineer and I know we have one power electrical market as you can see below:

enter image description here

But I have asked here for creating one sample of the waste market by WordPress plugins.
Finding the answer to this question could be an usful help to find proper way to create this market.

So if possible, I like to know about the proper plugins on WordPress for creating one waste market which the selling price fixed by the suggestion of the days before fixed price and the average seller price, and similar for buyer price.


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