Plugin pages on admin page are broken. Problem with permalinks. Getting “Invalid post type” error and “You are not allowed to access this page.”


Okay let me try to explain what is happening.

Lets say Im trying to open orders page in woocommerce plugin by pressing “orders” in the menu. The link its opening is

The link will open just fine but if you look at the permalink youll see the problem. The part %3Fpost_type%3Dshop_order shouldnt be there and this causes the next problem. If I try to view the second page of orders it will try to open this link This will give me the “invalid post type” error. If I change the percentage signs to ampersand signs the page will open just fine. This will work for every post type but wont work for pages.

As to my permalink settings I have it set to custom with If I change it to anything else the problem persists.

.htaccess file is just the vanilla wordpress one with no changes.

Im not sure what to do anymore. I tried all the simple fixes as deactivating the plugins, theme, resetting the permalinks in settings. Nothing is fixing it. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

Dangz1 1 year 2021-07-24T08:23:29-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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