plugin development – Using Product variations as product addons


This is more a question for advice than a bug or problem. I’m building a Woocommerce based plugin and I was looking to at way of using the core woocommerce/ wordpress as best as possible without the need for dependencies.

My question for advice centres around using variations also as product addons as I’m trying to develop the functionality of being able to

  1. Offer “checkbox” type variations
  2. Allow selection of multiple variations per attribute that is used for the variations
  3. Still have the variations add the value if any to a base price

I think this way because “variable product” variations already have the features needed for a product addon without needing a product addons plugin. All I need to do is improve the options for attribute types and facilitate multiple variation value selection per variation attribute.

Do you think this is a good principle concept?

KArneaud 8 months 2022-05-30T19:58:09-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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