plugin development – Making a user platform reachable by a qr code on a pin-back-button


To give users access to the website, by giving them a qr code. In this code is the name of the site and the already filled in username.

This is a integer that takes a milion years to find. example.


2,6E+14 × 1E+5 = 2,48115E+22 combinations.

I create 40.000 random usernames with this integer and give them the userrol “pending”
I make a qr code of that adres and print it on a pin-button.

When scanning the qr code, the user will be asked to fill in there password.
The user rol wil change in Subscriber.

Next time the user uses the same qr code, he or she can use this same link to enter the password and enter his or here profile(registry and login look the same. A fake password wil let him enter a dummies account that is empty. The username can only be seen by the user himself. Other users can’t see the username. (Only if you read out the qr code, you see the username)

In the account the user can fill in more personal information. Example:
email, first name, last name, adres, postal code, city, country, gender, birthday, profile picture etc. Non are obligated.

Being on the website, users can connect to each other by scanning the QR code of the other user. And give the other user a name. The other user can give his information if the user accepts to excess that information. This excess can be time limited. If information is changed, al connected users with ability to read that data can or will be informed if this data changes. Also when it stops being exccessble the user that has excess is warned.

In connecting eachother there will be also the question: This profile I recognose as a Identity of a human.
A contract will be maked, that is signed by both users excepting each others account as an identity. To maintain this identity can be obligated to share information as long this identity is recognized.

Beside that, the user can deside what information to share with other users.
For this he or she can make here own commitment-rols for who is connected.
Family, friends, collegas, or certain contractholders do have different permissions to see diferent information.

If a user fakes a username to enter, and this username isnt known, that user will get the userrol: temporal, whereby he or she has no entance of the account, but still can buy an useraccount (pin-button) that is known in the website. There will be no respons telling that profile is different. But he will not be able to connect with others with a qr code. Or read information of others or that account. It will look empty.

As a user I can create information feels:
Username (invisable); user given name; Information_type; Information_value; date and Timestamp; expiration_date and time.

And request connected users to give this information. Or insert that information my selfs. Or let it override by de owner of the data.
This information can be a value or a file/image.

This information can be collected and put in a contract. This contract can also be a request.

Every account has a wallet with 2 values. Public and Private.
If you connect with an account of someone els, you can transfer an amount of your public wallet to the private wallet of the other account.
You can max sent X% of the start value to an other useraccount. With 20% all points in the public wallet go to 5 others who are recognized.

If the recognision of the other account gets brooken by changing information in the contract, wil break the contract and the public point will be returned to the user who did give that amount. This can be automated. But also can be changed.
Also the other users can be asked as data to see who recognizes the account also.

I print al qr codes on a pinbutton and seal them in a blank envelope. So nobody knows who gets witch username.

Al user account get 3000 point (give it a name) in there public wallet. Public points (give it a name) can only be transfered to a private wallet connected by a username with userrol subscriber, and who is recognized in there Identity.

If there is a direct or indirect recognition of eachothers accounts, even if it is 3th, 4th, 5th or 6th party can transfer private point from one to a nother private account. Public points can be transfered to public wallet of someone who isnt recognized by a identity contract. This transfers including the public wallets are public and visible to al connected users, as long you registerd the qr code of that account in your own account.

Fase 2.

Al data needs to go inside a user database in a app in your phone. And you access your own profile in your phone with a password. The website wil only work as a gateway to find and connect to other user databases accoording to the needs of the user.
A local log file registers al actions that users take to get your information and information requests.
Contracts are made in encrypted NFT’s and the wallet will be a crypto currensie on the same blockchain.

Apps can be installed to create contracts and commitments. Think of doctors who need to save medical information in you database. And other doctors who what to read that information.

Exchange of currencies that are not in there id recognized in 1 network (of the same ID contract) can be exchanged in an exchange app. Etc.

I can go on for a nother hour. But this system ready can make a new society and independent of the top down economie. And has a value of 60 euros per user account. With 17 milion users that system may cost 1 biljon euros per year.

I am looking for people who want to make this system possible. But the work will be payed when it works. And we all accept it will be public property. So every user payes every month an amount from his wallet being private money, deposit in a community wallet (private) to let that system work.
Let me know if you can be part of this project. Because we have to. Euros and dollar are private owned. This system makes money democratic maintained in his value.
Greetings from the Chamber of Social values.

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