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I am planning to write a blog about advanced math subjects, therefore I will need lots of math symbols writing in LaTeX or MathJax. I know support LaTeX using $lates my-code-here$ syntax, but the result is not pretty. My gold standard for beautiful math rendering is Math Stack Exchange in this site.

I gathered that the easiest way to solve the problem is to buy a MathJax plugin from WordPress, but this requires me to upgrade my subscription to business plan with lots of features that I may not need. (I need only my blog to be searchable by public eventually.) The business plan costs $300 per year. I do not mind spending money but since there is practically no chance that this blog will eventually get monetized and is intended for public service only, I am looking for less expensive option.

Last week I came across a website by one Professor Yu Tsumura [here]1 who apparently has managed to solve the issue like mine. Below is the screenshot of his hack:

enter image description here

But having read his instruction and having zero experience in web development, I do not know where to look for the header.php, and his contact information is nowhere to be found. (Currently I have only free version of WordPress account.)

Therefore I am writing this post looking for help to walk through the configuration, or even give me other options. Note that I do not insist on using WordPress; I do not mind using any other platform as long as it gives me beautiful math rendering and my blog is searchable by public. And finally, if this subject is considered off-topic in this site, please suggest where should I post it instead.

Thank you very much for your time.

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