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I am working on a project where i must call a 3rd party API from client-side then process the response in PHP before displaying it in on the front end. So i planned it in my head like this:

  1. use getJSON to call the 3rd party API
  2. send response to PHP via AJAX
  3. put it in a variable and use it

Unfortunately i can’t figure out how to put the response in a php variable and use it in my shortcode function.I am not a PRO developer, but in the last two days i’ve read anything related to this situation, so here is my current code:

The external API url supports params and i am constructing it depending what i need on the particular page, using shortcode atts. So the journey starts in add_shortcode callback function:

$url = theAPIurl //with parameters
$apinonce = wp_create_nonce('apinonce');
wp_add_inline_script('ajax-request', 'const apidata=".json_encode( array( "apiUrl' => $url , 'ajaxUrl' => admin_url( 'admin-ajax.php' ) , 'nonce' => $apinonce  )) , 'before');

The enqueued scripts:

wp_register_script('ajax-request' , 'pathtomyjs' , array('jquery'), false, true);

My JS file

$.getJSON(apidata.apiUrl , function(response_data){
          type: 'POST',
          url: apidata.ajaxUrl,
          data: {nonce: apidata.apinonce, action:'api_response', data:JSON.stringify(response_data) },
        return false;   

AJAX action hooks

add_action('wp_ajax_api_response' , 'kwpca_api_callback' );
add_action('wp_ajax_nopriv_api_response' , 'kwpca_api_callback' );

AJAX callback function

function kwpca_api_callback() {
        check_ajax_referer('apinonce' , 'nonce');
        $response = json_decode(stripslashes($_POST["data"]), true);
        $data = wp_send_json($response);

Looking in browser dev tools->network, i can see both getJSON and admin-ajax requests being successful, the data is what i need, but i can’t figure out how to pass it to my shortcode function.

If i call the function directly like $newdata = kwpca_api_callback(), and var_dump($newdata), the output is -1 and no ajax calls are executed in network tab. At this point i’m clueless what to do next and i lost count how many times i’ve reverted the code trying possible solutions. Any help is very much appreciated

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