plugin development – Create Unique and Customized User ID for Website Members in WordPress


I want a Feature which can allow Custom User ID creation at Registration on WordPress.

This will be different from the User ID that WordPress creates at Registration.

This one is something that is Custom Created and Custom determined by Site Admin.

It will have a Prefix already determined by Admin, and the numbering system would also be pre-determined by Admin as well.

It could/should be treated as a Custom Post Type called “Unique User ID“that will be on the WordPress Dashboard Menu– just like other plugins that we install. And it should have a Shortcode that can allow it to be displayed anywhere on Posts, Pages, and Widget areas in WordPress.

This Custom ID Feature will have the following Parameters:

1.) ID TITLE: This is the Name that Admin will call the Custom ID. And Admin should be able to create Multiple Types of Custom IDs according to User Type and User Role.

2.) ID PREFIX: A Prefix that will appear, separated by Comma, Dash, Pipe, or any other separator.

3.) NUMBER FORMAT: This is the Format in which the Numbers are applied. It can be numeric, starting from 1 and upwards. Or Admin can set it to have leading Zeros like “000” before the counting starts.

4.) BATCH NUMBER RANGE: This is the Number of Users that will form a Batch, before they are split into a new batch.

This range can be 1 to 1,000(One Thousand), 10,000(Ten Thousand) and whatever else the Admin decides.

5.)BATCH ID TYPE: This is the Grouping of Users into Batches, and the Type of Data Type used in this Grouping.

It could be–A to Z, Alphanumeric, Symbol, or Text.

6.) OUTPUT: When these are now pre-determined by Admin, and a User Registers on the website, a Custom User ID should be automatically generated during User Registration, and should be added to the WordPress Dashboard Menu, as “User ID” or whatever Admin has already pre-named it, as seen here

So in this Case, as seen from the Image above, Admin has called the Custom ID “Tag Number“.

He has used the Prefix “SP“.

He has used Number Format with two leading Zeros “00“, and we can see that the current User is Number 19.

The User’s Batch Number is 1, where Batch Number is represented by “BN“.

I want to believe that by now, you understand what I am talking about?

So I am now asking if anyone knows of any WordPress plugin, or PHP Code Snippets that can do that for me?

I am following this Question but I’ve not been able to convert it to my good use. Anyone here that can help?


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