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working on my first plugin where a user can select an option from a dropdown and this selection gets saved in a code that gets written into the footer. That works, but the problem is, my default selection (as in the HTML) gets ignored.

The selection

<select id="location_select" name="location_select">
 <option selected value="ch" <?php selected(get_option('location_select'), 'ch'); ?>><?php _e('CH', 'pluginName') ; ?></option>
 <option value="de" <?php selected(get_option('location_select'), 'de'); ?>><?php _e('DE', 'pluginName') ; ?></option>

The code

public function print_code(){
        $location   =   get_option('location_select');
        $url="https://" . esc_html($location) . '';
        wp_enqueue_script('myID', $url, array('jquery'), null, true);


     public function additional_attrs($tag, $handle, $src){
        if ($handle === 'myID'){
            $tag = '<script data-host="" data-dnt="false" src="' . esc_url( $src ) . '" id="myID" async defer></script>';
        return $tag;

How is it possible to have the first selection <option selected ... as a default selection in the code? Because right now, if a user does not save his selection, nothing gets written in the output code.

Thanks for any help!

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