plugin development – add a column to woocommerce analytics tables


I havent found a lot of documentation for adding columns to the woocommerce analytics tables. There is this one, which doesn’t provide much context and so doesnt seem to work:

and then there is this one, which is based on the use of a deprecated plugin, woocommerce-admin. I understand that woocommerce-admin has been merged with woocommerce/woocommerce, but I’m not sure how to use it for this purpose.

In terms of what I’ve been trying is basically varying configurations of the above attempts. I’ve also attempted to build woocommerce-trunk (instead of depracated woocommerce-admin), in order to try to build an extension for this purpose, which I haven’t succeeded at either.

The final goal is to add a single column in the products analytics table and fill it with an ACF custom field attached to the product.

Help is always greatly appreciated, Thank you

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