plugin contact form 7 – Contact7 Check Boxes line breaks when submitted


I am working on a wordpress Contact7 Form with a checkbox selection. I am wondering if there is a way when these checkboxes are submitted via email that the format is changed so instead of coming up

item1, item2, item3

it comes up




I found this post, but the code does not seem to be working

Add Line Break/Remove Commas for Checkbox options sent via Email from Contact Form 7

Its the exact same thin I am trying to do. I just wonder if contact7 updated something so that this code no longer works. Anyone able to get the following code working on the latest contact7.

add_filter('wpcf7_mail_tag_replaced', 'format_chackbox',10,4);
function format_chackbox($replaced, $submitted, $is_html, $mail_tag){
  //you can check if this is the right field if need be.
  if('my-checkbox-field' != $mail_tag->field_name()) return $replaced;
  //$submitted contains the raw submitted data.
  //$replaced is the formatted data, you can use either.
  $a = explode(',', $replaced);
  //check if you have multiple values and the email accepts html (set with the use html checkbox in the mail notification settings).
  if(is_array($a) && $is_html){
    $replaced = '<ul>'.PHP_EOL;
    foreach($a as $v) $replaced .= '<li>'.trim($v).'</li>'.PHP_EOL;
    $replaced .= '</ul>'.PHP_EOL;
  return $replaced;

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