Plugin BePro Listings: Anyone know how to configure this plugin to accept paid listings? [closed]


I stumbled upon a free plugin that sounds good according to its features, called BePro Listings which is a free plugin for WordPress that lets you create a directory site (like a business or membership directory). According to its features, it offers the ability to accept payment for front end listing submissions.

I could not figure out how to activate the pay before you post feature – I have a front end submissions page but it either does not submit anything, or it submits without asking for payment. Apparently I need the BePro Cart extension plugin (also free) for it to accept payment. I have already done this but have not figured out how to combine the two so users are made to pay in order to submit a listing.

I put a question on’s forum but the developers said to use their own forum for BePro Cart here but it says the last activity was over 4 years ago, and even when I am logged in, the only option I have is to ‘subscribe’, not post a question.

Wondering if anyone has experience working with this plugin. How do I activate paid posts, and allow users to edit their front end submissions once posted?

If anyone knows a different free plugin that allows payment before post and uses paypal out of the box (ie, not as a separate paid extension), feel free to recommend. I am after a free plugin to do some testing with so not interested in paid plugins yet.

Thank you

Stephanie Chen-Xu 1 month 0 Answers 11 views 0

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