Please help – Woocommerce strings (cart, order…) are not translated in front end, but translations exist in directory


I have been searching through multiple forums to find a possible solution to this problem –

Original language of our site is slovenian. We have a multi-lingual site, using Gtranslate and it works well with other languages.

The problem is with all woocommerce strings like “add to cart, checkout page, login page..” that are not translated into slovenian in the front-end. The translations exist, there is a file with slovenian woocommerce translation in directory, we also tried locating certain strings with Polygang and found everything is in fact translated. It is just not showing on the website.

Can anybody please point me in the direction of fixing this? Why is it not showing on the website?

It is not a conflict with other plugins, we tried disabling one by one and it made no difference. Also, tried switching to other theme (using Porto theme), again with no luck.

Zala Meklav 1 year 2023-01-19T08:57:41-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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