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I’m building a mobile app and website on a WP backend, which is the reason why I’m looking for a uniform JSON Request-Response pattern.

Everything’s working fine, and the wp installation does not use any plugin / particular theme, every plugin / theme it uses is the result of custom development.

The app has users that each have a profile, which I registered and generate as a custom post type, solely for that purpose.

The last step I’m thinking of now is to store the wp post contents of that custom post type as JSON only. Like this I’ll be able to use them without any additionally needed parsing, both for the web and mobile app development.

Before doing this, I wanted to double check:could this be a problem for the wp core, or break some other functionality of the wp core? I also intend to use the WP REST api for posts to query for posts of that custom type, using WP’s, built-in REST API features for the query interfaces, includin tags, metas, and whatever else it offers.

Will using only JSON post contents be a problem here?

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