php – Retrieving Ultimate Member meta_key into Contact Form 7 email


hope you are doing ok. I´m building a new website in WP.

I´m using Ultimate Member with Profile Tabs extension and Contact Form 7. One of the profile tabs has a contact form shortcoded so when a visitor sends an email through that form, the owner of the profile receives the email (not the site admin). This is the documentation:

What I want to achieve, if possible, is that in the email that CF7 sends (sender´s email is Bcc), it includes the profile owner´s cellphone and email (user_cel and user_email) that were submitted in the registrarion.

The goal of this is that the person sending the email gets a copy with the profile owners info to try and contact it by their own means, not without first sending a message through our website.

Our website will include “advertised proffesionals”, so each member will be a proffesional being advertised.

I´m not that good in php, but I know the basics (snippets and sintaxis).

Thank you in advance.

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