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I built a plugin for a client that can create products based on data from a feed. The plugin needs to create thousands of products and update them on a regular basis. On my test server which has 2GB RAM and a shared CPU, the plugin works fine, creating and updating thousands of products without problems. However, whenever I test the plugin on my client’s server which is a managed dedicated server Xeon processor and 8GB RAM, it doesn’t work properly. It takes forever to finish the task before eventually exiting the process after adding less then 100 product where on my server it could add 1000 products in a few seconds.

I am not very experienced in server admin stuff and tried everything I could think of to get it to work.

The client asked the hosting company and I checked in the shell to see if the server was overloaded but it still had plenty of RAM (more than 3 GB to spare) and the CPU was only at 18% usage. On my test server, I was able to more or less determine that this task takes about 300MB of RAM from start to finish

I increased the WordPress memory limit in wp-config and increased the PHP request timeout time to the same amount as my test server.

My webserver is LiteSpeed and my client has Apache.

I have no idea why this could be happening.

Any ideas or guidance as to where to start looking for the problem would be helpful.

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