php – Mini app that shows one unique quote each day. 56 rotating posts rotating for each themed weekday. It works, but I need your advice


Let’s say I have 365 posts published in 2022. I have 56 posts for each weekday (each weekday has a different theme). Normally, if I were to publish them in order, the 1st Monday post would be published on January 3rd and the second Monday post would be published on January 10th. But I want to reuse these posts and for them to be correctly displayed each year, not just in 2022.

So I published batches of posts by weekday. The script below summarizes my data structure:

$sunday_posts = [0, 1, 2... 56];
$monday_posts = [57, 58, 59... 102];
$tuesday_posts = [102, 103, 104... 158];

The values in this array are the post# and day of year they were published (even though 2022 is not over yet).

I then have a conditional script for each weekday:

if(date('D') == "Sun") {
$first_sunday_of_year = gmdate('z', strtotime('first Sunday of january this year'))+1; // sets the anchor, the 1 corrects for 0 start
$sunday_of_year = (((date('z')+1) - $first_sunday_of_year)/7); // returns 19 as of this SE post
return $sunday_list[$sunday_of_year]; // returns correct post day of year

This returns the correct day of the year for the post that is needed. For example, every 3rd monday of the year, which is post #59 posted on day 59 of 2022, will show whether it is Monday, 21st of 2023 or Monday, 25th of 2024.

Okay so this works exactly as I hoped for.

However, I just want to know if anyone can suggest if there is a better way to program this? Any general pointers are greatly appreciated from this newbie.

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