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I am very new to HTML and PHP and have spent hours trying to find the right questions to ask. I would like to create a simple webform on a page and add a button that will generate text (on the same page) based on the variables answered in the webform. I don’t need to/want to capture the data from the form. I do not want to show the output in a table format. If possible, I would like the output to be editable and have a copy button. The user would answer the questions they want to, then see the summary of their answers. Any questions they skipped would not show up in the summary. In an ideal situation, they would also be able to edit the compiled text before copying it.

Question 1 (required)
Question 2 (optional)
Question 3 (optional)


(On webpage, print:) “Hello (Q1 answer). Based on your blah blah, we think your idea to (Q2 answer) is great!”

This is do-able, right? I feel like it is such a simple thing to do that no one talks about how to do it. I understand how to create forms and input fields, but I’m not sure how to make the generate button that will compile the answers from the questions into a paragraph on the page. Any syntax examples would be so, so helpful.

Thank you!!

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