php – Customize the WP Fusion Gravity Forms integration to use the post author email as the Ontraport contact to update


I am using WP Fusion to sync information from WordPress to Ontraport. We are using Gravity Forms in a unique way and need to manipulate the WP Fusion Gravity Forms integration to use the Post Author Email addresses instead of the logged in users’ email.

I have identified the file that is handling this and can manually update the line in question with a hard coded email address and have it function like I would like however when I try to use get_the_author_meta( 'email', $post->post_author ); it is not working.

Current line in class-gravity-forms.php – $email_address="";
I tried to change this line to – $email_address = get_the_author_meta( 'email', $post->post_author ); which does not work however if I change it to $email_address=""; it works.

The only other references to $email_address in class-gravity-forms.php is:

if ( false == $email_address && 'email' == $data['type'] && is_email( $value ) ) {
                        $email_address = $value;


$args = array(
            'email_address'    => $email_address,

I’m sure I am missing something and any help is appreciated.

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