PHP, Creating a dynamic variable


Is there any way through which I can declare the dynamic variable in php.
for eg, I am using a for loop and the variable name is $message. and I want to add some dynamic data at the end of the variable name. code is below

foreach ($quant as $quantity) {
            $message.$quantity['type'] =  'Listing ID : '.$quantity['product_id'].' With Quantity: '.$quantity['quantity'].'MT, State- '.$quantity['state_name'].' and Coal type-'.$quantity['coal_type'].'<br>';

so if the $quantity[‘type’] = 1, then the variable name should be $message1 and so on. currently I am trying to concatenate but it is wrong. Please tell me how it can be corrected. Thanks in advance

, Nikhil Gupta 6 years 2017-05-02T06:17:34-05:00 0 Answers 86 views 0

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