PHP can I add line numbers to file_get_contents()


I have a private custom plugin that I just use on my multiple sites, and since I do a lot of debugging I find it easier to include the wp-config.php file contents in the admin area to ensure I have enabled/disabled debugging properly. Now I am training other designers to help with debugging, so I want to include line numbers similar to the theme/plugin editor. I retrieve the contents of the wp-config file using the file_get_contents() function. Is there a way I can add line numbers to this output?

Here is my function that gets the wp-config file contents:

function eriWpConfig(){
    $wp_config = FALSE;
    if ( is_readable( ABSPATH . 'wp-config.php' ) )
        $wp_config = ABSPATH . 'wp-config.php';
    elseif ( is_readable( dirname( ABSPATH ) . '/wp-config.php' ) )
        $wp_config = dirname( ABSPATH ) . '/wp-config.php';

    if ( $wp_config )
        $code = esc_html( file_get_contents( $wp_config ) );
        $code = 'wp-config.php not found';

    echo '<pre class="code"
            >Installation path: ' . ABSPATH
          . "nn"
          . $code
          . '</pre>';
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