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I’m writing a WordPress Plugin that sends requests via WooCommerce API. I need to send multiple GET requests to the API and instead of using a for loop and sending each request one after another, I was looking for a multiple request alternative and came across this class. A single request call via WooCommerce API basically looks like this (i.e. to list all products):

$headers = array( 'Content-Type' => 'application/json' );
// We may use HTTP Basic Auth for Authentication over HTTPS. 
$options = array(
   'auth' => array( 'ck000', 'cs000' ),
$response = Requests::request('https://mysite.xy/wp-json/wc/v3/products', $headers, null, $options);

This sends an authorized request (via the $options array with a consumer key and consumer secret to access the shop site) and retrieves a list with all products available.
Looking at Requests::request_multiple, the method takes in an array of requests and options, with the following description of the parameter $options:

If the $options parameter is specified, individual requests will inherit options from it.

Now let’s say I want to send 3 requests for different products (AAA, BBB and CCC):

// This is how you should create individual requests for request_multiple method
$req1 = array( 'url' => 'https://mysite.xy/wp-json/wc/v3/product/AAA' );
$req2 = array( 'url' => 'https://mysite.xy/wp-json/wc/v3/product/BBB' );
$req3 = array( 'url' => 'https://mysite.xy/wp-json/wc/v3/product/CCC' );
// Create requests array
$requests = array( $req1, $req2, $req3 );
// Send multiple requests
$responses = Requests::request_multiple( $requests, $options );

Each response in $responses has status code 401 (Unauthorized Access), although each request should inherit the same authentication from the $options array.

Is this something I should open an issue about on GitHub or is there something that I’m not fully getting?

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