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Need to get some advise or recommendations. I help out with a local volunteer group and need a site that will allow each volunteer to create (or fill in) a bio page. This bio page should be visible/available to anyone public.

Here is the specific workflow I am trying to achieve, and need to know if wordpress (with plugins) can handle this.. Or if we need to raise money to pay for a developer.

We will have our main site,

Each volunteer is assigned an ID (12345). When the volunteer is ready, they can goto When they get to this URL, the system should detect that this page does not exist and allow the user to register.

After they register, they should have the ability to setup a profile which shows their contact info, bio, etc…

Next, if a public internet person goes to the website , the volunteers bio and contact info should be displayed.

Does anyone know if this is possible with WordPress or if I should be looking elsewhere?

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