Persist selected WPML language, even if translated version does not exist [closed]



  • I have a site with 3000 pages
  • It has a region picker (US, Canada, UK, Australia)
  • Only a select number of pages have regionalized pages (~50)
  • I’m using WPML and its “Custom languages” to build out these regions
  • I’m using the following URL prefixes for these:
    • US: / (no prefix, default region)
    • Canada: /en-ca/
    • UK: /en-gb/
    • Australia: /en-au/


  • If a user selects a region (i.e. a WPML Custom Language), it persists across pages
  • If a user lands on a page that doesn’t have a translation, their selected region still persists (in the language picker and the URL prefix)

I’m trying to avoid having to create translated versions for all 3000 pages since 95% of pages have the same content across regions and I assume it would significantly add to the bloat of such an already large site.

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