permalinks – Why are urls ending with a number not returning a 404 when they should?


So today I found out something really strange about my website.
I noticed a few strange pages getting indexed by google that shouldn’t exist.
After some investigation I found that any url ending with 2 letters or words and then a number, like this: takes me to an empty page only displaying the header and footer of my website but with no content in it. Since the page doesn’t exist I should end up on the 404 page right?

If I write the url like this: Then I get to the 404 page. But like I said, if its more than 2 letters or words I get to this strange empty page.

It could even be like this:
or this:

I’m using woocommerce and elementor if that’s to any help.
Maybe somekind of pagnation that went haywire? I would love some help to solve this and is wondering if anyone else have had this happen to them?

Thanks in advance!

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