Permalinks Question: Adding a prefix ONLY in front of the posts


I want all my posts to have /ARTICLES/%post-name% structure.

But as soon as I modify the custom structure to that, for a reason that beats me, wordpress adds the articles prefix across the board.

So I end up with urls like this for my category pages with something like the following

here the videos is a category and since I did not change the category to anything else, I was expecting the urls to be well, ), not
Obviously, such a URL does not make sense.

On the permalinks screen, under the Common Settings‘s Post name option, I get a grayed out ( uneditable ) sample link that shows something like

I wished I could have edit that grayed out info

to while keeping the other options as is.

But this does not seem to be possible.

Am I at a dead-end here?

Is there a way to only change the post urls without effecting the other urls?

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