permalinks – After migration works only first page


I migrated from a web hosting to a server in my NAT.
I did vhost with apache2 so the http server can be serve both an instance of nextcloud and a wordpress one for my home.

I had a Let’s encrypt certificate for the nextcloud, I renewed it with the new address and it was all ok.

Then I did the (I thought) easy part: wordpress.

Copied the bkp files, installed mariadb + create_db + create_user + PHP + give_user_permission, populate the db with sql bkp.

I Created a certificate with let’s encrypt for the www.

After this step apache is automatically instructed (by let’s encrypt’s certbot) that any request to http://www.mydomain has to be solved as https://www.mydomain .

Finally I checked with the browser and the first page works but all the othewrs give the error of page not found.

My problem looks similar to this After server migration only the homepage works, but is not the same because the solution does not work for me, so I suspect that permalinks are in http… somewhere but are wanted as https in the browsed pages.

Yesterday I was able to enter in the admin panel and I saw that it says that the prefix was https . (by the way, today is no longer working.)

The site is

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