Pasted carousal code doesnt show pictures while original post shows


I have elementor carousal on a page made by elementor.I need to copy paste the caruasal to a custom post type.The costum post type doesnt support elementor.So, I must add it with code editor by copy paste code.

When I copy paste the code, the images isnt shown.

Top of the footer, you can see the carusal.This is a crashed page:

This is its code: ( bottom of code editor ):

<figure><img src="" alt="6" /></figure>
<figure><img src="" alt="5" /></figure>
<figure><img src="" alt="4" /></figure>
<figure><img src="" alt="3" /></figure>
<figure><img src="" alt="2" /></figure>
<figure><img src="" alt="Screenshot_20200216_105308" /></figure>
<p>Previous Next</p>

The image urls dont exist anymore because my host crashed.

I added below code to top of the figure ( carusal ) code block :

<figure><img src="" alt="6" /></figure>

The above url works.

but still, any image isnt shown.

the new url:

So, I coudnt copy paste the carosal truly.

HOW can I show the images truly?

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