Password protection doesn’t prompt for password on pages set with one with Escapade theme of WordPress


Have a wordpress site with the Escapade theme setup, where if one selected “Password protected” page in the page editor, it displays Protected: <page title> in the header of the page/page navigation, but does not prompt for the set password.

What I have already tried to solve this, found on wordpress forum/help pages, in order, without luck:

  • Switched back to standard wordpress theme
  • Deactivated all plugins

Some folks mention augmenting the theme’s functions.php file with functions that provide this functionality for theme’s that strangely don’t implement this functionality, but don’t provide enough info on how. Could someone help with step by step directions about what function (there seem to be several with different function names provided on various webpages) and where to insert it in Escapade’s ?functions.php? ?

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