parameter – Different url to same page (with dynamic content)


I have a custom php script that in a specific page of my wordpress website is generating a dynamic content (ie. page “” that will load a list of places specific for that city).

The script is very simple, the source page (ie. “ has a link to “” passing some parameters (via POST form). The page retrieves the parameters and, after a query into my database, print the content page.

I would like to avoid to have the same page (ie. “”) with different content, in terms of SEO and google crawler probably is not the the best choice.. and I’m here to ask you the best way to proceed. I have permalink enabled.

I could do it adding parameter in the url like “” even if I’ll not use that parameter (I pass the cityID via POST method).In this scenario I can have a list of “different” url containing the name of the city to which the contents page refer to. 

Do you see any negative aspect using this approach?Do you see valid alternatives I could use?

The main target is to avoid problem with my website and be sure my contents are properly indexed in google search.

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