Pagination is not working properly in Product Category/Tag pages


I have a store with several products. Pagination works fine on the main shop page.

But when I open a separate product category or product tag pages, in some of them pagination not working as expected.

Overall posts per page are set to 9.

Suppose I have 10 product categories for my store. 

  • 6-7 of them working perfectly fine for pagination.
  • 4-3 of them are acting oddly in case of pagination, it shows a random number of products on each page.
  • Sometimes it shows 5 products on the first page, no products on the second page, 4 products on the third page & so on, but never more than 9 products.

I also tried switching themes and deactivating all plugins other than woocommerce, to check if there is any conflict that creates such an issue.

Is anyone knows, why this issue occurs & how I can solve it? I am trying to solve it from last so many weeks, but no luck yet.


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