pages – Product description is not shown using WordPress 6.1.1


The Product description, inserted with Edit product is not shown in using WordPress 6.1.1.

How can I resolve this bug?

The actual page is shown here: @ . Selecting the product title should take me to Product description but it doesn’t, all I get is another page with:

**Apologies, but the page you requested could not be found.
You can search for the information you are looking for by using the form below…
Alternatively, use the menus on the left, or browse through the following list of pages:

[pagelist sort_column=”post_name” exclude=”523,488,2527,2530,2529,1092,1620,575,2528,1579,1129,1453,1462,1485,1448,411, 3431, 3395″]**

The Product description was working yesterday, and it is shown when I select Preview changes.

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