Page titles for internal classification of landing pages


My wordpress install manages a business site, with landing pages. It’s not a blog, and there are no posts (only pages).

The “pages” page (Pages > All Pages), which shows draft/published pages, shows each landing page’s title. This is the value used in the <title> tag in the header, and is what the visitor sees.

But I want every landing page to have a title / type / classification / whatever that identifies it for me, rather than the visitor. For example:

“Shoes, Ladies, from Google Adwords, 20% Discount”


“Shoes, Kids, White, from Facebook Ads, 15% Discount, Branded”

That is what I want in the “pages” table. But then the visitor also sees them!

Can I do this somehow without manually editing each page’s php source?


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Page titles for internal classification of landing pages</a>
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