../../page-name backend links are not rewritten


On my website’s backend I manually input backend links which are under the form of “../../page-name”. Then on the front end the link becomes domain-name.com/page-name.

However after a plugin update all the links broke: they became “hardcoded” links leading to the URL “../page-name” without any domain name which is of course totally useless.

I thought the bug was related to said plugin but after restoring backup, updating a totally different plugin had the same effect. So did editing and saving changes on the page. Any of these changes cause this.

I removed the htaccess then regenerated but it changed nothing. Been trying to keyword research this issue to no avail, am not sure there is even a proper name for these backend soft links “../../page-name”. Not sure this is related to a that rewriting file full of code or even where to being looking.

Am used to finding tutorials and information on what to input on which file to solve a given issue. Am not a coder but I’ve been doing wp maintenance for several sites for a while now and haven’t had similar issues.

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