Override WP Class Private Function


I’m new to community, I think you experts can help me in this.
I have plugin installed and i want to its overwrite one function which is in class


 class wf_fedex_woocommerce_shipping_admin{

private function wf_user_permission($auto_generate=null){

        if(!empty($auto_generate) && ($auto_generate==md5($current_minute) || $auto_generate==md5($current_minute+1) ))
            return true;
        $current_user = wp_get_current_user();
        $user_ok = false;
        $wf_roles = apply_filters( 'wf_user_permission_roles', array('administrator', 'shop_manager') );

        if ($current_user instanceof WP_User) {
            $role_ok = array_intersect($wf_roles, $current_user->roles);
            if( !empty( $role_ok ) ){
                $user_ok = true;
        return $user_ok;

I want to rewrite if so WP will use my custom instead of plugin
I need a single change in new function ( I mean i just need pass ‘subscriber’ in array )

$wf_roles = apply_filters( 'wf_user_permission_roles', array('administrator', 'shop_manager', 'subscriber') );


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