Output ACF repeater on frontend user’s profile page (created with Ultimate Member)


I’m using Ultimate Member plugin to manage my user directory. I also use Advanced Custom Fields to create some custom fields on the backend of the user’s profile page (location: user form > equal > add/edit) which I want to output via shortcode on the profile page of the current user.

This is what I tried:

function acf_repeater() {

um_fetch_user( get_current_user_id() ); {

  if( have_rows('repeater_name') ):

    while ( have_rows('repeater_name') ) : the_row();



  else :


add_shortcode('acf_repeater_shortcode', 'acf_repeater');

but this doesn’t work. Any tips?


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Output ACF repeater on frontend user's profile page (created with Ultimate Member)</a>
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