Opening specific posts on WP takes lot of time and freezes the editor


I have this weird problem in the last couple of days where it takes ~5 minutes to completely open some posts on WordPress wp-admin dashboard.

Please hear me out carefully.

  1. This is happening only with 1 person in the team. Not an issue for others in the team (same role, same posts)

  2. I have tried different browsers, different machines. I even shared my credentials with my editor and he faced the exact same issue.

  3. We have disabled Gutenberg and using classic editor. No issues while using Gutenberg (but that’s not really an option). The page freezes for approx 5 minutes on opening and eventually loads completely.

  4. It’s mostly happening for “some” of my own posts already published (it’s a multi-authored blog), but I can’t be 100% sure since it’s all so random.

Here’s what all we have tried till now;

  1. Tried using Query monitor. Nothing untoward found.
  2. Tried activating redis cache. Didn’t help.
  3. Tried changing my role from Editor to Admin. Didn’t help.
  4. Deactivated 5-6 recently installed plugins. No luck.
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