Old URL Redirect website after migration


I have migrated my old website from example1.wordpressstaging.com to epxample2.com on a new server (using All-in-one Migration Plugin). Everything went fine with the migration. Now after I complete the migration an search for http:// example2.com I reach the correct domain, but when I search for https://.com I get redirected to my old example1.wordpressstaging.com URL. I already check in phpMyAdmin and within wp-option the siteurl and home is on mysite.com (and not the staging one).

Does anyone know how I can fix this https:// redirection issue so that I end on https://example2.com instead of the old https://example1.wordpressstaging.com ?

Thank you very much in advance!

, Philipp 2 years 2020-01-16T08:38:22-05:00 0 Answers 51 views 0

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