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I have two similar plugins that I am merging into one new plugin, in order to make the plugin more efficeient, and to reduce development time when new features are added. The plugins have similar purposes. Both use shortcodes to display content (media or posts) on a page. The plugins are especially useful on a multisite, as they gather content from some or all of the sub-sites.

The new plugin will combine the existing plugins features and options, making the new one more efficient. Partly by only requiring one plugin instead of two, and to have a common set of plugin options.

There will be no updates of the old plugins; all new features will be in the new plugin.

So I want to notify old plugin users that the new plugin is available (and improved). I am thinking that I could change the description of the old plugin so that a notification of the new plugin is shown on the Plugins screen. And add a link in the old plugin description to the new plugin information.

In addition, if the new plugin is installed, there should be a notice to disable/remove the old ones. So the old plugins need to see if the new one is installed, and if so, display a notice on the Plugins screen.

What would be an approach to do this? I can easily change the description of the plugins to include info/links to the new one, so that info will be seen on the Plugin repository page, as well as the Admin, Plugins page. Is there some guidance on how to ‘retire’ an old plugin that has been replaced by the new/different plugin?

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