No plugin css or scripts loading. My custom WooCommerce site lacked functionability


Actually, I am designing a custom WooCommerce theme from scratch. I added the default functionality of WooCommerce through functions.php and started designing the site. Now, everything works fine except when it comes to adding variable products to cart. It shows an error "Please choose product options by visiting [product name].". And, I am not even able to make payment gateway work which is integrated through RazorPay WooCommerce plugin.

As much as I observed, my site is not loading any plugin css and javascripts which is maybe affecting the site functionality and not letting items to get added in cart in variable products case. But, add to cart works on simple product on the other hand.

Could someone please help me with this. I don’t know why I am not able to add items to cart only when it is a variable product and even RazorPay plugin is well integrated but it does shows up payment box pop up in payment page.

Please help!

If you need any detail that could help, I would love to. Just please get me out of this annoying error.

Rishabh Jha 2 months 0 Answers 11 views 0

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