nginx – Multisite different domains certbot


Been going crazy trying to solve this.

Basically I set up a lxc Lemp WordPress and did all the usual stuff to make it multisite.

All went well I could access
Domain so on and so forth.

I was happy. The dynamic DNS is working and it’s updating the domains with Google no issues.

I then went for the cert bot and it does domain1 no problems it however doesn’t work with the otherdomains.

Chrome fully locks out the site as unsecured.

I tried adding the other domains their own conf files but no joy.

I am just going around in circles as I have a fully working web server that I just cannot get certbot to issue certs for.

I am guessing i am Missing something
I have used *

And repeated with the other domains it just doesn’t work and all the YouTube stuff is showing subdomains not actual domains

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