New wordpress install, unable to create more than one post


I’ve stumbled upon something quite absurd. I’ve deployed a single ec2 instance on AWS, installed LAMP (CentOS7, Apache 2.4.6, MariaDB 5.5.65, PHP7.3), downloaded, unzipped and configured WP. That’s all, no plugins, no themes. Something I did tens of times. The instance is behind a Network Load Balancer simply tunnelling port 443 to the instance and apache ins’t doing anything special, simple default config stating URL, webserver name and alias, errors, the usual stuff.

Now, the issue:

If I click on posts, the button “New post”, then I write something into the new post and I then click on “Save draft” everything works, I get back to the posts list and my post is there.

Then I click again on “New post”, write something random and again I click on “Save draft”, the post ID into the URL is the one of the previous post, and on the sidebar on the right the link for the versions states I have another version of the same file. If I save, then this post updates the first one, whatever I do any new post is eventually the first one.

On the database, table “wp_posts”, the field “post_parent” is the same, which is consistent to the issue, as any new post is seen as the same post having the same parent.

Everything started from a plugin not working while creating new posts, eventually I’ve disabled everything just to find out that it was wordpress itself not working. Which is quite absurd since creating a new post is like the core of wordpress, cannot pass unnoticed to the community, and I didn’t find anything related my issue on internet. So I’ve redeployed a new machine, clean, and I’ve reinstalled the whole thing without importing or adding anything else than wp, and I face the same issue.

I’ve checked on AWS and a NLB isn’t adding any “cache” to the connection. I’ve tried cleaning the local cache a number of times and even changing browser, I’m a bit clueless. I’m still sure this cannot be a common issue because as I’ve said it’s impacting one of the main WP functionalities, hard to believe it is actually wordpress the issue.

Thanks for any help!

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