Need to show matching doctors’ profiles based on patient’s preferences


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I’m building a platform to connect doctors and patients which is supposed to work as follows:

Step-1: Patient comes to my homepage and the first question he sees is – What are you suffering from? The options need to be clickable images listing services like dental issues, eye problems, throat issues, etc.

Step-2 Based on response (click) from homepage, the patient is shown second question to get more info. For example, if on homepage, patient chose “eye problems”, then second question should ask for specific eye problem like — “water eyes” or “dry eyes” or “red eyes”?. Each of these options need to be clickable images.

Step-3 After response from question-2, the patient is asked about their locality which needs to be an auto-complete enabled text field to input location.

Step-4 The patient is then shown a listing of relevant doctors (profiles) matching the responses for the above questions.

Step-5 The patient can then bookmark (shortlist) some doctors and/or can book an appointment with any doctor.

I’ll be really grateful if you can please answer my following questions:

Question-1 I am going to host my WordPress site on HostGator. I also have mojomarketplace installed. What should be the best theme and plugins I should get to build this kind of website?

Question-2 I also need to give a functionality to doctors to create their profile on my platform, so that they can be listed in patient’s search results. Which plugin do I need to install for this?

Many thanks in advance for your help!!

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