need.htaccess 301 redirect code for any pages starting with // to home page of //


I would like to add an one catches all .htaccess 301 redirect code for any (old)url starting with to the home page of (without www.) The permalinks are not the same, that’s why all pages should go to the same page
I used to have a html site created with dreamweaver, starting with Now my new wordpress site is without www. When searching with google, there are 70 old pages of my website still starting with www. I have them redirected individually in WP htaccess, but that makes my website slow loading. There must be a smarter way to do that… Can anyone explain how, what and where to add better code?

Aisha Trimbach 2 years 2021-04-15T06:51:10-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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